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The Fandom Factory LIMS

Fandom Factory LIMS
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Katie (cookiegirl506)
Lyss (be_realized)

The fandomfactory is a LIMS contest (Last Icon Maker Standing) where each participant not only brings their own icons to the community but they are also able to bring their favorite fandoms.

When you sign up for the challenge, you are asked to list up to FIVE (5) fandoms that you would be interested in making icons for/about. We will then pick a new fandom for each round (or cycle, depending upon the popularity of the fandoms presented) and create the challenges from that. This can range from books, movies, music and television shows. (Some popular fandoms include: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Strokes and LOST.)

Please sign up here with your five (5) favorite fandoms.
1.) This contest requires a lot of dedication so if you are not able to comply with the dates required of you, please do not sign up. This is not meant to scare you but only notify you that you are REQUIRED to submit an icon to each round you last in the cycle.
2.) All entries must remain anonymous until elimination from the contest. This means that you cannot post the icons in other communities, even your own. You also may not use an icon as a LJ userpic. All contest entries will be screened as to keep the icon maker's identity a secret through voting.
3.) YOU MUST PARTICIPATE IN EACH CHALLENGE. You may, however, earn a skip. To learn more about how you can skip out on a round, click here.
a.) You will be voting for the icons you think are the WORST. We're voting people out in this challenge, so you need to vote for the icon that you dislike the most.
b.) You will also be voting for the BEST icon. This will be the "People's Choice" icon and will receive a banner for their efforts.
c.) On that note, the mods will also be voting for the icon that we think is best. These people will also receive a banner and a public explaination as to why we feel their icon was our favorite.
d.) Voting will be screened and each person voting needs to give a brief explaination as to why the icon should be voted out. ("Because I don't like it" is not an acceptable answer. "Too sharp", "too much contrast", "poor coloring"... etc. Those are acceptable.)

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